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Do you desire to write a book but have no idea where to begin?

This one on one course is designed to give you the individual instruction, strategy, tools, and clarity you need to write your book now. At the end of this course, your book's topic will be solidified and you will have developed a book outline that enables you to write with a plan.


Once purchased you will receive a link to schedule your live course session. Course sessions are on Saturdays via Zoom.


Course lessons include:

-How to write with authority.
-How to determine or clarify your book’s topic.
-How to organize your thoughts into chapters.
-How to create a book outline & create a writing schedule.
-How to determine your audience.


Course resources include:

-One book outline template.

-One writing schedule organizer.

-One smart goal worksheet to set a deadline for your manuscript.

-One bonus writing assessment worksheet.

-Several formatted word documents with table of contents.

-One hour personal Zoom meeting with course instructions.

- One hour book outlining session.

-Q& A Session


  • All courses are non-refundable.

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