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The Home of Christ-anchored leaders with powerful stories and transformational books

Kingdom Promise Publishing (KPP) is an independent Christian publishing Company. We specialize in providing coaching and publishing services to kingdom/ Christian authors looking to professionally self-publish their literary work(s). Our goal is to provide a smooth, personal, and professional client focused self-publishing experience.  As a result, we do not keep any customer royalties or maintain the rights to any of their literary works. KPP authors are able to publish and maintain their book's brand their way. Our services help authors streamline the process and remove the hassle and confusion out of self-publishing. Our goal here at KPP is to serve, motivate, and empower you as an author.


 We currently offer writing boot camps, book development strategy sessions, writing courses, and a variety of publishing packages to help authors achieve their publishing goals. Our team of professional editors, formatters, graphic designers, illustrators, and published authors are available to help bring your book's purpose  to life. 

KPP books inspire, empower, educate, and bring joy to the globe. Our philosophy is based on the belief that God has given every person a message that is full of purpose and capable of making an impact in the world.  We help authors find the God-breathed purpose behind their writing and put it in ink.

2 Corinthians 1:20

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