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What I’ve learned over the years is that spiritual focus and clarity only happen when you make a commitment to focus on God daily. It also happens when you ask God the key questions necessary to change the trajectory of your life. Questions such as, “God, what are you doing in my life right now? What is my calling? How can I serve you better? What is the purpose of this trial or dilemma? Who am I? Have I obeyed you?

The God Speaks journal is for the Christian business owner, professional, college student, mom, or woman on the go who is ready to achieve and maintain focus and clarity with God. Whether you are at the beginning of the year, the middle, or at the end, I encourage you to complete the guided reflections and activity plans.


This God Speaks Journal includes: yearly, monthly, and daily guided questions to hear the voice of God for your year, month, and day. It also includes an hour by hour planner for each day with to do lists, goal setting pages, and a space to plan for dinner!


It's your new planner, journal, and devotional book in one.


The God Speaks Journal

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